Technical Textiles

Spooling and slitting machine for Technical Textiles

Large experience in web formed fabric slitting machine and spooling machine

Since 1955, Calemard has always been involved in textile markets. Thus, with the development of “technical” textiles, we have developed our own cutting systems and increased our mastering of web tension control. As a result, our slitters are perfectly adapted to high technical applications. Thanks to this, we have strengthened our leading position on applications where quality slitting and/or winding are difficult to achieve.

Why choosing Calemard converting machines?

With Calemard’s fabric slitting machine and spooling machine, you get :

  • adaptable and upgradeable equipment
  • versatile, user friendly and compact equipment
  • latest automation technologies
  • precise tension control
  • reliable and high productivity solution


So, you will be sure to:

  • reduce your manufacturing costs and optimize your CAPEX
  • increase efficiency of your downstream process and your complete process
  • optimize your final product quality and reduce your scraps
  • save time and money, whilst increasing your operators’ safety