Slitting machine for MEP and GDL

Versatile and efficient slitter-rewinder

Our high flexible and reliable slitting machines have been designing to inspect mother rolls of MEA components such as PEM and GDL, slit them into strips and rewind them on pads with straight walls and consistent tension to ensure an efficient downstream process.

Based on a modular concept, this machine is fully adaptable and allows to:


  • Unwind mother roll of PEM, Carbon fiber nonwovens/felts or PET foils
  • Separate and rewind liner for inspection
  • Product inspection and splicing table for defects removal
  • Liner re-insertion before slitting
  • Centre winding on two staggered shafts

Calemard’s PEM slitter rewinder characteristics:

  • Foil thickness: 100 to 350 µm
  • Mother roll: Ø 600 mm & 300 kg
  • Working width: 1 600 mm
  • Slitting: Shear cutting technology
  • Speed: up to 50 m/min
  • Finished rolls: up to Ø 600 mm & 200 kg per shaft

Main advantages:

  • Customized unwinding station depending your workshop organization to ease and save time during handling operation
  • Precise guiding to minimize selvedge scrap and optimize cutting accuracy
  • Dust removal on each cutting point for Clean room complying
  • Precise and individual cutter/counter cutter positioning
  • Scrap extractors
  • Low and controlled winding tension preventing the product from any deterioration
  • Rewinding pivoting shafts for easy unloading
  • Remote maintenance and troubleshooting operations
  • Swivelling PLC
  • Ancillary equipment and options to ease loading and unloading operations


  • Quality control of the coating steps for MEA components and slitting of the incoming materials in the MEA assembly:
    • Polymer Electrolyte Membrane / Proton Exchange Membrane
    • Carbon fiber nonwoven/felt
    • PET foil

Thanks to our well-equiped test lab, we are able to run trials with your own products. Don’t hesitate to contact us right now!