Don’t hesitate to send us your products for trials on roll slitting machines and spooling machines

Un laboratoire d'essais conçu pour vous

A dedicated testing laboratory

Our showroom features our main unwinding, slitting and rewinding/spooling technologies to run trials and process feasibility. Our mission is to deliver the best in-house service and support, whilst efficiently and effectively demonstrating you, our converting technology capabilities. Dedicated specialists are available to perform trials with different cutting technologies in order to offer you the best solution adapted to your specific product and need.

Don’t hesitate to send us your products or to submit your request to our specialist. Especially in this critical time. We are able to process trials on your nonwoven face mask or gown raw materials.

Slitting specialist

You need simple cut, smooth and soft cut, strong and reinforced edge… You need to slit sensitive products, thin or thick materials, multi-layer products, resistant fabrics… For sure, we have the adapted technology. All our roll slitting machines and spooling machines installed in our testing shop are equipped to receive different cutting systems:

  • Cold cutting: shear, crush or razor blades,
  • Hot cutting,
  • Combined cutting to perform a welding track by hot or ultrasonic technology followed by mechanical or ultrasonic cut
  • Ultrasonic cutting
Calemard hot slitting technology
Caleamrd spool converter

Winding specialist

Our testing shop is very well-equipped with all our technologies:

  • Center winding slitter
  • Center surface winding slitter for larger diameter of narrow strips
  • Narrow slitting and spooling machine
  • Jumbo spooling with our Spool Converter
  • Slitting machine with turret winder for extrusion line