Slitting machine for nonwovens

Technical slitting machines for projects with demanding tension control requirements!

In this critical period, Calemard slitting machines could be an essential support to face masks producer! They can be used as nonwoven slitter rewinder for disposable and surgical raw material. Using Calemard machines is the guarantee of non woven rolls quality for an efficient downstream process.

Moreover, a non woven slitter rewinder by Calemard is compact and versatile, but also adaptable and upgradeable. The modular concept of our equipment, allows us to adapt our slitter rewinders to each specific needs. All our machines are equipped with lastest automation technologies. They are reliable and high productivity solutions. Then, precise control tension enables to achieve the highest possible final product quality even on fragile or narrow products. We offer different types of non woven slitter rewinder depending on your production needs:

  • Standard center surface winding machine: Thanks to our Orion, produce large diameter and narrow pancakes to be used directly in face masks machine for example
  • High capacity slitting machine: Our Centaure produces larger diameter rolls at higher speed

Slitting machines main characteristics

Orion slitting machine:

  • Mother roll: Maxi width 2 200 mm | Maxi Ø 800 mm | Maxi weight 500 kg
  • Secondary rolls: Maxi Ø 1 000 mm | Maxi weight 250 kg per shaft
  • Speed: 200 m/min
  • Mini. slitting width:
    • 15 mm with crush cutter
    • 25 mm with shear cutter

Centaure slitting machine:

  • Mother roll: Maxi width 3 000 mm | Maxi Ø 1 200 mm | Maxi weight 500 kg
  • Secondary roll: Maxi Ø 1 300 mm | Maxi weight 250 kg per shaft
  • Speed: Up to 300 m/min
  • Mini slitting width: 80 mm

Applications for our slitters