Nonwoven splicing

Customized solutions for strong, invisible and reliable plain splices, without additive element!

Thanks to our Decoup+ sister brand expertise in ultrasonic technology combined with our know-how in machine manufacturing, we are able to design your customized nonwoven splicing solution. Thus, we propose :

  • two technologies: butt-to-butt or overlap splicing for higher strength
  • tailored-made solutions: complete benches to be integrated in-line or separate off-line equipment

Ultrasonic splicing main characteristics

  • Quality and reliabilty improved. Ultrasonic technology insures resistant and invisible splices
  • Faster and more efficient assembly process allowing to keep splices in final product
  • Environmentally friendly process by reducing wastes and avoiding additive element such as glue, adhesive, staples, needle and thread…

Ultrasonic splicing technology is used for bonding two thermo-fusible or synthetic products. That is to say, with a mimimum of synthetic fibers. To be sure, don’t hesitate to contact us for ultrasonic trials. Of course, we can also offer you other nonwoven splicing solutions by adhesive tapes for example…