Nonwovens spooling

Switch to spool and rewind 10 to 50 more product than on a standard pancake!

Calemard proposes a wide range of 7 versatile machines to answer each process requirements. Indeed, pionier in high productivity nonwovens spooling line, we have developed a recognised know-how in high sensitive material converting. Moreover, thanks to precise tension control, be sure to obtain compact spools, which can be used directly on downstream operations. Finally, with more than 2 200 traverse winders in production worldwide, we are recognised as a leader on this market. You need to produce Jumbo spools of tension sensitive materials for hygiene applications? Or you search for nonwovens spooling solution for cable industry? Or you rather need compact spools of narrow strips? Don’t hesitate to submit your project, we have the solution!

Thanks to our process expertise, we could offer two different technologies depending on your product:

  • Self-traverse spooling technology: Produce spools of multilayer or sensitive materials on our Pegase or Gemini lines
  • Conventional spooling technology: Our Aquila line is well adapted to narrow slitting and spooling of stable materials

Spooling machine main characteristics

Pegase Jumbo spooling line:

  • Mother roll: Width from 850 mm | Maxi Ø 2 000 mm | Maxi weight 500 kg
  • Spools: Maxi width 850 mm | Maxi Ø 1 200 mm
  • Speed: Up to 800 m/min
  • Mini slitting width : 25 mm

Spooling lines:

  • Mother roll: Width from 400 mm | Maxi Ø 1 850 mm
  • Spools: Maxi width 500 mm | Maxi Ø 500 mm
  • Speed: Up to 200 m/min
  • Mini slitting width: From 5 mm

Applications for our spooling machine