Spooling for technical textile

Switch to spools to rewind 10 to 50 time more product than on a pancake!

With more than 2 200 standard traverse winder heads in production worldwide, Calemard has been leading for several years the business of digital spooling machine in many industries. Thanks to our process mastering and precise tension control systems, our equipment produce high quality spools of narrow webs.

Our R&D engineers and our process specialists went further in innovative solutions development. They have developed new and innovative technologies to control the quality of the edges of the spools. Indeed, spool edges are critical to ensure efficient downstream process and to ease handling operations.

Then, through a range of 7 spooling machines, we propose two technologies depending on your products:

  • Self-traverse winding technology (also called spooling technology): our Gemini traverse winder allows to produce spools of tension sensitive, elastic or multilayer materials
  • Conventional spooling / traverse winding: Our Aquila and Aquila SD spooling machines are adapted to produce compact spools of narrow strips of stable materials

Calemard’s traverse winders characteristics:

Gemini traverse winder:

  • Mother roll: Maxi width 400 mm | Maxi Ø 800 mm | Maxi weight 150 kg
  • Spools : Maxi width 500 mm | Maxi Ø 500 mm | Maxi weight 40 kg
  • Speed: Up to 200 m/min
  • Mini. slitting width: 5 mm

Aquila traverse winder:

  • Mother roll: Maxi width 400 mm | maxi Ø 1 850 mm | Maxi weight 500 kg
  • Spools: Maxi width 400 mm | Maxi Ø 400 mm | Maxi weight 40 kg
  • Speed: Up to 150 m/min
  • Mini slitting width: from 10 mm

Traverse winders Applications