In-line solutions

Automatic turret winder solutions to produce continuously pads or spools !

To complete our standard reliable slitter-rewinders range, we offer non-stop and trouble-free solutions. For many years now, Calemard® has been developing automatic turret winder technologies for plastic films, rubber and gum. Today, we also offer a complete patented converting solution for in-line fully automated and continuous winding operations without reducing line speed. Indeed, our Engineering team has developed a solution to cut in line narrow tapes down to 30 mm. This automatic turret winder is to be inserted into an extrusion line. It offers at the same time high technology and high versatility combined with easy handling and optimised productivity.

Our cell consists in a plastic liner cantilever dual unwinder with liner guiding/positioning system and automatic splicing device for continuous liner feeding. It is also equipped with a driven tension controlled accumulator for up to 60 m product storing, a slitting station with quick cutters adjustement system and scrap edges extractors (with liner separation/recycling). The turret winder is equipped with gap winding solution for precise and stable winding. Then, a robotized cell completes our solution for automatic pads unloading, fully independent from operator. We also offer this cell with our patented in-line spooling technology.

Whatever is your need, we have the solution!

You need an in-line converting cell? Since 1955, we have acquired a solid process know-how. This way, we are able to offer adpated solutions to your needs and requirements. Our expertise is centered around some key points such as:

  • Precise tension control for high slitting and winding quality
  • Different cutting technologies skill for the best cutting result depending on the product and the application
  • Patented non-stop turret winding without speed line reduction or in-line spooling technologies
  • Automated unloading and handling systems

Why choosing Calemard?


Our automatic turret winders are already in production in various types of applications such as:

  • Tyres manufacturing
  • Plastic films converting