Specialty materials

Converting equipment for specialty materials

Versatile and adaptable slitting machine and spooling machine

Based on modular concept, our equipment are fully adaptable. We can developed the equipment you really need! With integrated or separate unwinder. Hot or cold cutting systems depending on your products and the slitting quality needed. Center winding, center surface winding or spooling… Thanks to our expertise in web tension control, our slitter rewinders answer specific requirement and constraint of the converting process of sensitive or high added-value product. For example, we have already designed and manufactured adhesive tape slitting machine, composites spooling machine, or plastic films slitting and rewinding and also holograms narrow slitting and spooling machine…

Why choosing Calemard converting mahines?

With Calemard equipment, you get:

  • versatile, flexible and upgreadable equipment to optimize your CAPEX
  • latest automation technologies to increase your productivity and your operators’ safety
  • precise tension control to optimize your process and your final product quality
  • user friendly and high-engineered converting equipment

Thus, be sure to:

  • reduce your manufacturing costs and optimize your CAPEX
  • increase your downstream operations and your complete process efficiency
  • optimize your final products quality and reduce your wastes
  • save time and money whilst increasing your opertors safety