Experienced teams for your converting machines engineering and manufacturing

Bureau d'├ętudes de Calemard

In-house engineering

Our privileged relation with major player in textile, nonwoven or tire markets allows us to work together and develop specific solutions. Indeed, our engineering department works regularly in cooperation with our customer engineers. Thus, our team can handle your project from simple slitting machine to fully automated line! Its missions :

  • Engineering of innovative and added-value solutions
  • Designing of tailored machine concept
  • Supporting you in choosing the most suitable technological solutions
  • Supporting your Smart Manufactuting projects thanks to our Calemard 4.0 department

We can set-up trials and process feasibility in our test shop. This way, this support is a guarantee to define the most cost-effective standard or specific solution.

Production workshop

Calemard’s production workshop has just been expanded to satisfy increasing demands of automated slitter and spooling machines or complete slitting cells. This new 4 275 sqm space is located near our Purchasing and Engineering department and in the same plant, to ease communication between our different teams. You will find when visiting our company:

  • Mechanical assembly team
  • Electrician team
  • Storage area for parts and components receipt, allocation and distribution
  • Shipping service for daily parts and equipment delivery
Atelier de production de Calemard
Un service clients complet

Calemard customer care centre

Our structured and optimized service is dedicated to our customer’s full satisfaction. Our team of experimented technicians are supporting you for:

  • Equipment starting and put in production all over the world: Our engineers ensure the good starting for the optimal production of our slitter and spooling equipment
  • Operators training: we train your operators to optimize Calemard’s machines use and productivity
  • Spare parts, retrofit, repair and performances audit to optimize your investment