Reliable slitting machines

Reliable and efficient slitting equipment for sensitive materials used in Lithium-Ion batteries and Fuel Cells manufacturing

The growth of the electric vehicle market is expected to continue at a strong pace in the coming years. Driven by environmental concerns, technological advancements, and government support, the global market is projected to reach $1.39 billion by 2029 (source: Mordor Intelligence Report).

Despite some remaining challenges such as limited access to charging stations, EV costs and critical raw material supply for batteries, the market is ready for growth. In summary, batteries and fuel cells play a crucial role in the growth of the EV market due to their environmental, economic, and technological advantages. While batteries currently dominate the market, fuel cells promise to offer a viable long-term alternative for EVs.

Early on, Calemard recognized the importance of green energy and invested several years ago in R&D to develop new technologies for its machines. This has allowed us to adapt our equipment to the specific converting needs of highly sensitive materials used in battery and fuel cell manufacturing.