Switch to spool and multiply by 20 or 30 the length of product rewound on your nonwoven bobbin

Pegase Gemini Aquila T
calemard pegase Calemard spooling machine for sensitive product Calemard slitting and spooling machine Aquila
Main Advantage High productivity and jumbo spools Precise and versatile self-traversing spooler for sensitive product Precise and versatile fixed spooler for stable products
Unwinding Type Cantilevered Cantilevered Cantilevered
Max. weight (kg) 200 kg - 250 kg as option 150 kg 500 kg
Max. width (mm) 850 mm 400 mm 400 mm
Max. diameter (mm) 1,500 mm - 1,700 mm as option 800 mm 1,850 mm
Type Shear Shear, crush, fixed or floating razor blades Shear, crush, fixed or floating razor blades
Mini slitting width 35 mm 5 mm 10 mm
Type Spooling Spooling Spooling
Max. diameter (mm) 1,200 x 850 mm Ø 500 x 500 mm 400 x 400 mm
Max weight per shaft (kg) 200 kg 40 Kg 40 kg
Speed 600 m/min 200 m/min 100 m/min
  • From 4 to 10 spooling units
  • Ultrasonic splicing by Decoup+® or heat splicing
  • Full control by Rockwell or Siemens system
  • User friendly HMI with 10'' color touchscreen panel
  • Set of trolleys for mother roll loading and spool handling
  • Set of options available for productivity improvement
  • Ultrasonic or standard splicing unit
  • Double unwinding station
  • Single high capacity unwinding station (1,850 mm Ø, 500 kg)
  • Universal core adpator 3'' 6'' Corexal®
  • Scrap edge winder
  • Unloading trolley
  • Digital option to manage shapes and spooling technologies: conical/pyramidal/pineapple, step-winding...
  • Single high capacity unwinding station (Ø 1,850 mm, 500 kg)
  • Double standard unwinding station
  • Ultrasonic splicing unit with ironing
  • Up to 3 cutting systems
  • From 6 to 30 spooling units
  • Scrap edges spooling unit
  • Spool ejection system
  • Semi automatic bobbin unloading system
  • Fault detection camera
  • Univerasl core adaptor 3'' 6'' Corexal®
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