Slitting bench

Complete and universal solution for edge trimming and/or centre slitting!

You need high quality, clean and straight edges? But you also need an easy to use and to adjust solution?

Our multipoint cutting bench offers a high slitting versatility. First, it’s an easy to integrate stand alone system adaptable on any kind of existing machine (stenter frame, calendering machine, rolling-up machine, slitter, etc.). This cutting bench simply consists on a structure to be installed at the end of an existing machine. Second, it can be fitted with up to 3 slitting carriages for edge trimming and/or central cut. Each slitting carriage is individually guided and can be manually adjusted. Finally, we are an experienced slitting specialist. Either by hot, cold or ultrasonic cutting, we can realize various trials on your own products to propose you the best slitting technology depending on your needs and materials.

Main characteristics

  • Mother roll: Maxi width 2 400 to 3 400 mm
  • Slitting systems: Hot, crush, combined hot-crush, ultrasonic
  • Speed: Up to 100 m/min
  • Mini slitting width: 600 mm
  • Selvedge extraction system