Machine upgrade

Increase your return on investment by optimizing your Calemard equipment

Calemard is continuously investing and helping customers to maintain, develop and optimize their existing machines. This is not only to improve slitter productivity or flexibility, but also to upgrade them coping with latest safety regulations and facilitating operators’ working conditions. Below is a non-exhaustive list of customer-approved upgrades. Please feel free to contact Calemard’s team to get your customized technical study.


Hot cutting technology upgrade

Why not increasing your productivity and cutting quality by just replacing your old hot cutters?

A new blade holder has been developed allowing adjustable and constant cutting pressure of the heated blade against the fabric. Thus, you get :

  • Cutting quality consistency guarantee and improved adjustment procedure
  • Higher cutting and sealing speed for most products (free tests available on your own products)
  • Increased  productivity whilst maintaining the quality and reliability

Moreover, it can be installed en lieu and in place of fixing cutters!

Pneumatic crush cutting technology upgrade

You want to optimize and widen your slitting program?  Switch from mechanical to pneumatic actuated cutters.

Spring loaded crush cutters were used on previous old slitter generation. Now pneumatic actuated cutters are improving blade lifetime, enlarging the cutting possibilities whilst allowing precise pressure adjustment. This retrofit offers other various advantages, such as:

  • Each individual cutter can be connected or disconnected according to needed slitting width, without any tool or without removing any of them. This is allowing to have also pre-set width installed on the machine for fast and easy width setting.
  • Depending on product to slit, cutting pressure can be adjusted for better quality and optimized blade lifetime
  • This upgrade also allows combined cutting technology (hot sealing + crush cut) avoiding edge fraying on thermo-fusible products. It is preferred technology for vertical blinds or ribbons producers, enhancing also the edge visual aspect
  • Ex-stock pneumatic crush cutters with various cutting power (33 or 54 daN under 6 bars).
  • Reduced investment per cutting point
  • On request, stronger cutters or thinner ones can be used for specific application

Then, according to your machine configuration, Calemard is supplying all necessary fixing components, air supply and regulation devices as well as pneumatic cutters.

CPU and electrical cabinet replacement

Your CPU is old and obsolete? Avoid unexpected production shutdown, by replacing right now your complete electrical cabinet.

Using obsolete CPU represents a high risk of an important breakdown. This is why Calemard is proposing to equip your machine with a brand new up-to-date electrical cabinet using a specific process to reduce the downtime. This upgrade offers numerous advantages such as:

  • Easy and quick reliable spare parts supply and replacement, with at least 10 to 15 years lifetime.
  • Energy consumption reduction and energy monitoring as option
  • User friendly colour touch screen operator panel (HMI)
  • As option MES/SCADA system can be implemented
  • Renewed machine lifetime
  • Higher productivity by user friendly operation and reduced risk of error thanks to recipe management
  • Pressurized or air-cooled electrical cabinet for hazardous or harsh workshop conditions
  • Very short machine shutdown during electrical cabinet replacement

Need more?

Of course, a wide panel of additional improvement can be offered, like for instance:

  • AC motors instead of old DC ones, reducing maintenance (no brushes) and improving energy efficiency.
  • Safety devices updated to comply with new European safety regulations (CE certificate
  • Preventive machine check-up and technical report of machine condition of your machine
  • Operators training and process improvement

Machine performances are according to your expectations and you wish to keep it any longer?

Contact us right now. Together we will find solutions to value your equipment and so, to increase your productivity and its lifetime