Slitting and spooling applications

 Calemard’s web processing machinery are used in several markets…

Calemard dans l'hygiène

Calemard in Hygiene market

Our slitters and spooling machines are used in different applications such as:

  • baby diapers
  • feminine hygiene products

Calemard in Tires industrie

Our equipment are used for slitting and winding of:

  • gum
  • calendered textile
  • capply
  • textile or steel bias
  • tire cord
Calemard dans le pneumatique
Calemard dans la filtration

Calemard in filtration applications

Our slitting and winding machines are used in:

  • air filtration
  • liquid filtration
  • food filtration

Calemard in medical market

Our slitter rewinders and spooling machines are used in applications such as:

  • bandages
  • gauze
  • support stockings
Calemard dans le médical
Calemard dans l'habillement

Calemard in clothing industry

Our machines are used to slit and rewind:

  • ribbons
  • labels
  • scarves
  • inner liners

Calemard in decoration markets

Our slitting machines are used for various applications such as:

  • flags
  • ribbons
  • home furnishing
  • funeral
Calemard dans le tissus de décoration
Calemard dans la protection solaire

Calemard in sun protection application

Our slitters and rewinders are used for:

  • vertical blinds
  • curtains and blankets
  • awnings

Calemard in packaging industry

Our equipment are used to slit and rewind:

  • plastic films
  • adhesive tapes
  • carry handle for bottle pack
Calemard dans l'emballage
Calemard dans le RFID

Calemard in safety and RFID

Our slitters rewinders and spooling machines are used for:

  • holograms for bank note
  • components for RFID labels

Calemard in composites industry

Our slitting and winding machines convert numerous type of composites materials used in:

  • automotive
  • marine
  • railway
Calemard dans l'iindustrie composites
Calemard dans la cablerie

Calemard in Cable and Wire industry

Our equipment are used to slit and rewind various cable components such as:

  • industrial nonwovens
  • technical films

Calemard in adhesives market

Calemard’s slitting machines and spooling machines are used for different products such as:

  • foams
  • gaskets
  • ribbons
Calemard dans l'adhésif
Calemard dans l'isolation

Calemard in insulation applications

Our slitter rewinder are used for various fabrics used in:

  • thermal insulation
  • sound insulation
  • seal gaskets
  • battery separators