Electrode slitting machine

Customized electrode slitters for Gigafactories and pilot lines

Our flexible and reliable slitting machines have been designing to transform mother rolls into strips from 70mm to 90mm width and rewind them on individual cores.

Depending on your activity and process, we offer two kind of equipment:

  • To transform Metallic foils (non-coated)
  • To transform Lithium-Ion Battery (LIB) webs – coated copper anode & coated aluminum cathode

Slitting cells main common characteristics

  • Easy product threading & knives change
  • High quality and accurate equipment including all our specific systems for very precise guiding and web tension control
  • Closed loop tension control for unwinding and rewinding
  • Customized unwinding station depending on your workshop organization to ease and save time during handling operation
  • Possibility of semi-automatic splicing for fast restart
  • Individual and driven knives holders
  • Adjustable wrap angle for product incoming and outgoing
  • Special blade shape to reduce burr effect
  • Specific devices for quick cutters alignment and cleaning
  • Possibility of surface cleaning system integration
  • Possibility of default detection and geometrical measurement
  • Special strips path to minimize scrap edges
  • Rewinding in staggered position

Slitting cell for copper foils

  • Foil thickness: 6µm up to 22µm
  • Mother roll: up to Ø 1 200 mm & 6 000 kg
  • Working width: up to 1 600 mm
  • Speed: design for running speed up to 200 m/min
  • Finished rolls: up to Ø 600 mm & 2 000 kg per shaft

This line could also be equipped with pinhole detection system

Slitting cell for electrode materials

  • Foil thickness: 6µm-15µm for copper and 9µm-25µm for aluminium
  • Coating: continuous or intermittent and lengthwise or crosswise
  • Coating thickness: 0-300µm per side
  • Mother roll: up to Ø 850 mm & 2 500 kg
  • Working width: upt o 1 300 mm
  • Speed: up to 200 m/min
  • Finished rolls: up to Ø 850 mm & 1 300 kg
  • Rewinding on two friction shafts

Our slitting cell is equipped with our patented shaftless dual rotating unwinder and could be configured on 1 or 2 levels depending on your workshop. This line could also be offered with vision system


  • Cathodes and anodes for Lithium-ion and solid state battery:
    • Metallic foils before coating
    • Copper coated Anode, coated on both sides
    • Coated aluminum Cathode, coated on both sides

    Thanks to our well-equipped test lab, we are able to run trials with your own products