Steel bias slitter

The bias slitter is dedicated to steel and textile bias cutting. This slitter enables a better productivity and reduces downtime risks on your Bias manufacturing machine
Steel and textile bias slitter rewinder
  • Bias slitter
  • Bias slitting machine
  • Unwinder on Calemard tyre slitter
  • Separated unwinding on tyre slitter
  • Liner rewinding
  • Shear slittting
  • Guiding on slitting machine
  • Rewinding on steel or textile bias slitter
  • bobbins winder on steel and textile bias slitter


Unwinding Cutting Rewinding Plan
Single separated unwinder on Calemard slitter
Cutting tools on steel or textile bias slitter
Rewinder on steel and textile bias slitter
Bias slitting machine
Single separated unwinding unit Cutting system Cantivered shaft Cantilevered design
Applications Productivity
  • Steel bias
  • Textile bias
  • Only 1 operator is required to handle the machine
  • Ancillary equipment enables reduced downtime and quick production re-starts
Flexibility Quality
  • Based on a modular design, the configuration of the Bias slitter can be easily increased from 2 to 4 rewinding units to support the increase of your production needs
  • Very low winding tension allowing no stretching and a best-in-class unwinding capability on TBM
  • High precision guiding to minimize selvedge scrap and optimize the cutting accuracy
Technical data Options

Mother roll :

  • Max. width : 860 mm
  • Max Ø : 1,000 mm
  • Max. weight : 150 kg

Secondary roll :

  • Max. Ø : 860 mm
  • Max. weight per shaft : 40 kg


  • Mini slitting width : 30 (25.4) mm
  • Max. running speed :  40 m/min
  • 2 additional winding units Ø 860 mm
  • Bobbin loading assisted system
  • Bobbin unloading assisted system