High productivity slitting and self-traversing spooling machine to convert secondary rolls into jumbo spools
calemard pegase
  • Unwinder on Calemard Pegase traverse winding machine
  • Safety door on spooling machine unwinding module
  • Shear slitting machine
  • Traverse winding
  • Precise traverse winder
  • Spooling equipment for non woven products
  • Non woven jumbo spool



Unwinding Cutting Rewinding Plan
Double cantilevered unwinding
Shear cutting system
Traverse winding
Non woven traverse winding
Dual unwinding station Shear cutter Spooling unit Self-traversing winding
Applications Productivity
  • Non woven sensitive products
  • Multilayer complex products
  • Top speed: 600 m/min
  • Dual shaft unwinder for mother roll loading and preparation in downtime
  • Touchscreen operator panel with recipe storage
  • High safety systems (infrared curtains, safety doors with electrical locking, ...)
  • VPN capability to remote trouble shooting assistance
  • Set of options such as datacollect, simultaneous spool unloading, trimmed edge extraction, dust extraction system...
Flexibility Quality
  • Based on a modular design, the production capacity of our Pegase spooling line can be easily increased from 4 to 10 or more spooling units to follow your production needs
  • Straight and driven strip conveying system (no distorsion / no twisting)
  • Low winding tension (3N minimum) preventing the most fragile products from any deterioration
  • High precision guiding system to minimize selvedge scrap and optimize the cutting accuracy
  • Self-traversing spoolers to keep the strips straight in line (no twisting or damage)
  • Ultrasonic splicing and ironing providing high quality splices (no-overthickness and unchanged material properties)
Technical data Options

Mother roll :

  • Max width : 300 to 850 mm
  • Max Ø :Standard 1,500 mm to 1,700 mm as option
  • Max weight : Standard 200 kg to 250 kg as option

Spool :

  • Max width : 850 mm
  • Max Ø : 1,200 mm
  • Max weight per shaft : 200 kg


  • Max. running speed : 600 m/min
  • Mini slitting width : 35 mm
  • Max. slitting width : 150 mm
  • Tension range : 3 to 20 N
  • Spooling recipe indentical for all heads or can be set individually
  • From 4 to 10 spooling units
  • Ultrasonic splicing by Decoup+® or heat splicing
  • Full control by Rockwell or Siemens system
  • User friendly HMI with 10'' color touchscreen panel
  • Set of trolleys for mother roll loading and spool handling
  • Set of options available for productivity improvement