Orion N

Technical slitter-rewinder to produce high quality large diameter and narrow pancakes
Slitter rewinder for non woven
  • Non woven bobbins
  • Calemard slitter with shaftless unwinding station
  • Ultrasonic splicing table on slitting machine
  • Crush slitting machine
  • Crush slitter
  • Narrow slitting machine
  • Narrow width slitting
  • Perfect slitting rewinding machine
  • Narrow slitting machine
  • Integrate unwinder with assistance



Unwinding Cutting Rewinding Plan
Unwinding station on slitting machine
Cutting station on cutting machine
narrow slitter and big diameter winder
Centre surface winding slitting machine
Separated unwinding Cutting station Narrow width on big diameter Centre surface winder
Applications Productivity
  • Filtration
  • Home furnishing
  • Automotive
  • Bedding
  • Only 1 operator is required to handle the machine
  • Swivelling panel control
Flexibility Quality
  • Based on a modular design, the configuration of our Orion N can be easily retrofitted to support the changes of your production needs
  • Big diameter and narrow widths
  • Low winding tension preventing the product from any deterioration
  • Centre surface winding for high rewinding quality
  • Precision guiding to minimise selvedge scrap and optimise the cutting accuracy
  • Ultrasonic splicing providing high quality splicing lines (no over-thickness and unchanged product properties)
  • Crush, shear or razor blades cutting for a perfect slitting quality whatever the type of product and the application
Technical data Options

Mother roll :

  • Max width : 2,200 mm - 3,000 mm or 1,000 mm in option
  • Max Ø : 1,200 mm - 800 mm in option
  • Max weight : 800 kg

Secondary roll :

  • Max Ø : 1,000 mm
  • Max weight per shaft : 250 kg


  • Max. running speed : 200 m/min
  • Mini slitting width : 15 mm - 10 mm in option
  • Mini tension per shaft : 100 N
  • Driven separate unwinder for precise low unwinding tension
  • Integrate unwinder
  • Shaftless unwind for easy roll loading from ground level
  • Ultrasonic splicing unit with ironing
  • 2 or 3 cutting systems (crush, shear or razor blades)
  • Scrap edges spooling unit
  • Unloading trolley
  • Quick slitting width adjustment system