Mini doctor machine

Narrow slitting and rewinding machine dedicated to doctor machine applications
Mini slitter for Doctor machine use
  • narrow slitting and rewinding machine
  • Slitter or doctor machine


Unwinding Cutting Rewinding Plan
integrated unwinder on doctor machine
Centre surface winder
Centre surface winder
Integrated unwinder Splicing and cutting table Centre surface winding on cantilevered shaft Centre surface winder
Applications Productivity
  • Adhesives
  • Foams
  • Films
  • Laminates
  • Rubber
  • Nonwovens
  • Only 1 operator is required to handle the machine
  • PLC control
  • Compact machine easy to load and unload
Flexibility Quality
  • Cantilevered unwinding and rewinding shafts to ease loading and unloading operations
  • 2 defect detectors to verify both the web top and underneath
  • 5 m product accumulator to reduce the machine speed and position the defect on the splicing table
  • Manual splicing unit with accurate cross cutting and standard or ultrasonic splicing
  • Centre surface winding with low and controlled tension ensuring a perfect product quality
  • Rewinding on one cantilevered shaft mounted on a track to allow the increase of the bobbin diameter whilst maintaining the contact with the primary surface roller
  • Precision guiding to minimizse selvedge scrap and optimize the cutting accuracy
  • Crush, shear or razor blades cutting for a perfect slitting quality whatever the type of product and the application
Technical data Options

Mother roll:

  • Max. width: 150 mm
  • Max. Ø: 800 mm
  • Max. weight: 60 kg

Secondary roll :

  • Max. Ø: 800 mm


  • Mini slitting width: 10-15 mm
  • Max. running speed: 70 m/min
  • Ultrasonic splicing