Slitter and spooling line for fragile product
Calemard spooling machine for sensitive product
  • Spool winding on Calemard traverse winding equipment
  • Conical spool on Calemard spooling machine
  • Calemard razor blades cutting system
  • Fixed razor blades on Calemard slitting machine
  • Shear cutters on calemard traverse winding equipment
  • Guiding system at the exit of Calemard slitter station
  • Ultrasonic splicing on Calemard slitter
  • Caleamrd spooling of adhesives
  • Traverse winding of foam on Calemard traverse winder
  • Calemard spooling of nonwovens
  • Traverse winding of plastic films on calemard spooling machine
  • Calemard spooling unit
  • Precise guiding of Calemard spooling equipment
  • Calemard traverse winding unit for production capacity increase



Unwinding Cutting Rewinding Plan
Cantilevered unwinding on traverse winding system
Shear slittting system
Caleamrd spooling or traverse winding
Traverse winding system
Cantilevered unwinding Cutting module Spooling unit Spooling line
Applications Productivity
  • Adhesives
  • Foams and square foam tapes
  • Films
  • Thick products
  • Nonwovens
  • Running speed of 200 m/min
  • Touchscreen operator panel with recipes storage
  • Simple maintenance and complete access to all parts from front to rear
Flexibility Quality
  • Converting various products in terms of material, thickness and width on a same machine
  • Based on a modular design, the production capacity of our Gemini spooler can be easily increased from 4 to 12 spooling units
  • Wide flexibility in spool dimensions and winding pattern (stagger wind, pineapple winding, diabolo, camber roller...)
  • Fully automated machine with latest PLC generation allowing an individual control of each spooling unit
  • New spooling technology with very precise guiding to keep the strips straight in line
  • Low and controlled winding tensions preventing product from any detarioration even for very fragile products
  • Self-traversing spools for straight strip conveying (no distorsion/twisting)
Technical data Options
  • Mother roll:
    • Width: up to 400 mm
    • Max Ø: 800 mm
    • Max weight: 150 kg
  • Secondary roll:
    • Ø: 200 to 500 mm
    • Width: 200 to 500 mm
    • Max weight per shaft: 40 kg
  • Max. running speed: 200 m/min
  • Slitting width: from 5 to 50 mm
  • Tension per shaft: 1 to 15 N
  • Ultrasonic or standard splicing unit
  • Double unwinding station
  • Single high capacity unwinding station (1,850 mm Ø, 500 kg)
  • Universal core adpator 3'' 6'' Corexal®
  • Scrap edge winder
  • Unloading trolley