Doctor Recovery Line

Doctor recovery line to valorize faulty products
Converting equipment


Unwinding Cutting Rewinding Plan
Unwinding station for spools or pancakes
Crush slitting
Axial rewinding or traverse winding
Versatile doctor machine
Cantilever unwinding station for either spools or pancakes Crush cutting and splicing table Centre surface winding or Spooling Line to transform bad spools and pads into good quality and valuable ones
Applications Productivity
  • To transform Capply, Rubber, Nylon rubberized...
  • To rewind higher length of product on a single bobbin/spool from small bobbins or spools
  • To recover damaged spools
  • To recover bobbins of wide edges from wide slitters
  • To remove scrap from pads or spools and valorize the remaining good products
  • To splice together 2 bobbins or 2 spools for higher length on TBM
  • Compact machine with easy handling thanks to cantilever shaft design
  • The 2 rewinding systems can be used at the same time
  • Manual splicing unit
  • Slitting station fitted with crush cutters
  • PLC control
  • Only one operator is required to handle the machine
Flexibility Quality
  • The unwinding station can take either spools or pancakes
  • The strips are rewound as pancakes on 1 cantilever shaft or as spools
  • Thanks to a modular design, the machine can be fitted with 3 or 6 spooling units
  • Centre surface winding with low and controlled tension ensuring a perfect product quality
  • OR spooling through a lay-on arm mounted on a traversing box allowing back and forth movement
  • High precision guiding system
Technical data Options


Mother roll:

  • Maxi. width: 210 mm
  • Maxi Ø: 800 mm
  • Weight: 100 kg

Secondary roll:

  • Strips width: 40 to 200 mm
  • Maxi Ø: 800 mm
  • Width: 200 mm
  • Weight: 100 kg


Mother roll:


  • Maxi. width: 400 mm
  • Maxi Ø: 400 mm
  • Weight: 40 kg


  • Strips width: 10 to 15 mm
  • Maxi Ø: 400 mm
  • Width: 400 mm
  • Weight: 40 kg
  • Scrap extractor system for 1 or 2 edges (30 mm width maxi)