Aquila T

Narrow slitting and spooling line to convert secondary rolls into narrow strips spools
Calemard slitting and spooling machine Aquila
  • Spool unloading on caleamrd traverse winding machine
  • Unloading spools trolley for Calemard slitter
  • Calemard floating razor blades slitting system
  • calemard shear slitting system
  • High precision guiding system on Calemard traverse winder
  • Traverse winded spool on calemard spooling equipment



Unwinding Cutting Rewinding Plan
Cantilevered unwinding for big mother roll diamater
Shear cutting and razor blades cutting systems on Calemard slitting machine
Calemard spooling or traverse winder
Narrow slitter and spooler
Cantilevered unwinding shaft 2 cutting systems on the same machine Traverse winding system Spooling line
Applications Productivity


  • Woven fabrics
  • Stable nonwoven fabrics
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Plastic films
  • Only 1 operator is required to handle the machine
  • Touchscreen operator panel with recipes storage
  • High security systems (infrared curtains, ...)
  • Automatic spool ejection on dedicated unloading trolleys
Flexibility Quality
  • Digital option to manage spool shapes and spooling technologies
  • Based on a modular design, the production capacity of the Aquila can be easily increased from 6 to 30 spooling units to follow the increase of your production needs.
  • All type of slitting technologies are available on the same machine, enabling the best cutting result whatever the type of product or application
  • Low and controlled winding tensions preventing product from damage and allowing a best-in-class unwinding capability on downstream machines
  • High precision guiding system to minimize selvedge scrap and increase the cutting accuracy
  • Fault detection camera as option
Technical data Options
  • Mother roll :
    • Width : 60 to 400 mm
    • Max Ø : 800 mm - 1,850 mm in option
    • Max weight : 250 kg - 500 kg in option
  • Secondary roll :
    • Max Ø : 400 mm
    • Max width : 400 mm
    • Max weight per shaft : 40 kg
  • Max. running speed :150 m/min
  • Mini slitting width : 10 mm
  • Tension range : 5 to 15 N
  • Digital option to manage shapes and spooling technologies: conical/pyramidal/pineapple, step-winding...
  • Single high capacity unwinding station (Ø 1,850 mm, 500 kg)
  • Double standard unwinding station
  • Ultrasonic splicing unit with ironing
  • Up to 3 cutting systems
  • From 6 to 30 spooling units
  • Scrap edges spooling unit
  • Spool ejection system
  • Semi automatic bobbin unloading system
  • Fault detection camera
  • Univerasl core adaptor 3'' 6'' Corexal®