Slitter and spooling line to convert fragile products into narrow tape spools

Gemini Aquila T Aquila 200 SD
Calemard spooling machine for sensitive product Calemard slitting and spooling machine Aquila Calemard digital spooling machine
Main Advantage Precise and versatile self-traversing spooler for sensitive product Precise and versatile fixed spooler for stable products Digital spooling technology
Unwinding Type Cantilevered Cantilevered Cantilevered
Max. weight (kg) 150 kg 500 kg 100 kg
Max. width (mm) 400 mm 400 mm 200 mm
Max. diameter (mm) 800 mm 1,850 mm 500 mm
Type Shear, crush, fixed or floating razor blades Shear, crush, fixed or floating razor blades Crush, Shear, Fixed or Floating razor blades
Mini slitting width 5 mm 10 mm 3 mm
Type Spooling Spooling Spooling
Max. diameter (mm) Ø 500 x 500 mm 400 x 400 mm Ø 200 x 200 mm
Max weight per shaft (kg) 40 Kg 40 kg
Speed 200 m/min 100 m/min 150 m/min
  • Ultrasonic or standard splicing unit
  • Double unwinding station
  • Single high capacity unwinding station (1,850 mm Ø, 500 kg)
  • Universal core adpator 3'' 6'' Corexal®
  • Scrap edge winder
  • Unloading trolley
  • Digital option to manage shapes and spooling technologies: conical/pyramidal/pineapple, step-winding...
  • Single high capacity unwinding station (Ø 1,850 mm, 500 kg)
  • Double standard unwinding station
  • Ultrasonic splicing unit with ironing
  • Up to 3 cutting systems
  • From 6 to 30 spooling units
  • Scrap edges spooling unit
  • Spool ejection system
  • Semi automatic bobbin unloading system
  • Fault detection camera
  • Univerasl core adaptor 3'' 6'' Corexal®
  • Double unwinding station
  • Manual splicing table
  • Up to 3 cutting systems on the same machine
  • Scrap edges rewinder
  • Spool ejection system on specific trolley for productivity increase
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