Orion S

Precise slitter and rewinder able to convert primary rolls into narrow pancakes from 10 mm and upwards
Calemard slitter for foam
  • Calemard Duplex slitter
  • Calemard centre surface winding
  • Dust vacuum on Calemard slitter
  • Separated unwinding station for big mother roll
  • Calemard Log slitter
  • Calemard slitting machine for narrow bobbins
  • Calemard slitting machine with shaftless unwind
  • Dual unwinder on calemard slitter


Unwinding Cutting Rewinding Plan
Integrated unwinding module on Calemard slitting machine
Calemard slitting machine
Calemard duplex slitting machine
Center surface slitter rewinder
Integrated unwinder Crush, shear and combined cutting Duplex center surface winding Centre surface winder
Applications Productivity
  • Adhesives
  • Films
  • Rubber
  • Foams
  • Laminates
  • Only 1 operator is required to handle this slitter
  • Swivelling control panel
  • Log production on a removable craddle winding unit
  • Interlocked safety guards (cutting station)
  • Infrared barrier or laser scanner for unwinder and rewinder stations
Flexibility Quality
  • Based on a modular designthe configuration of our Orion can be easily retrofitted to support the changes of you production needs
  • wide range of cutting systems, combined with easily adaptable production parameters, enables the narrow slitting of most stable products
  • Low and controlled windind tension ensuring a perfect product quality
  • Staggered rewinding on two shafts for rewinding quality of narrow strips
  • Precision guiding to minimise selvedge scrap and optimise the cutting accuracy
  • Crush, shear, razor blades or combined cutting for a perfect slitting quality whatever the type of product and the application
  • Machine able to produce compact pads with low tension in the product
Technical data Options
  • Mother roll :
    • Max width: 1,600 mm - 3,000 mm in option
    • Max Ø: 600 mm - 1,200 mm in option
    • Max weight: 300 kg - 1 200 kg in option
  • Secondary roll :
    • Max Ø: 600 mm - 800 mm in option
    • Max weight per shaft: 200 kg - 1,000 kg in option
  • Max. running speed: 200 m/min
  • Mini slitting width: 10 mm
  • Mini tension per shaft: 100 N
  • Separated unwinding station
  • Shaftless unwind for easy roll loading from ground level
  • 3 cutting systems
  • Scrap rewinders
  • Individual friction shafts for product with thickness variation
  • Gap winding (for friction use)
  • Special removable craddle winding unit for log production
  • Unloading trolley
  • Quick slitting width adjustment system
  • Load cell tension control/display
  • Anti static bars
  • Dual unwinder for lamination
  • Dust vacuum extraction