Precision cutting bench adaptable on any kind of existing machine for edges trimming and centre slitting
In-line multipoint cutting bench
  • Cutting system for implementation on existing machine
  • Ultrasonic cutting
  • Combined hot sealing and crush cutting



Unwinding Cutting Plan
Unwinding side of Calemard cutting bench
Cutting system for edge cutting
Universal cutting frame
Unwinding side 2 cutting carriage for edge trimming Universal cutting module
Applications Productivity
  • Coated fabrics
  • Curtains
  • Voiles
  • Only 1 operator is required to handle the machine
  • Slitting carriage for quick and easy cutting width adjustment
Flexibility Quality
  • The Phoenix is a complete and universal solution for implementation on existing any line (stenter frame, calendering machine, rolling-up machine, slitting machine, ...)
Technical data Options

Mother roll :

  • Max. width : 2,400 mm - 3,400 mm in option


  • Max. running speed : 100 m/min
  • Mini. slitting width : 600 mm
  • Structure on guiding system
  • Individual guiding for each slitting carriage
  • Up to 3 additional cutting carriages for centre slitting
  • Manual adjustment system of cutting carriages
  • Motorized positionning of cutting carriages
  • Scrap extractors