The widest spooling line in the world!

Pegase with wide working width

The widest spooling line in the world!

Last May, Calemard commissioned the widest spooling line in the world!

Few months ago, one of our Chinese customers considered to increase its spooling capacity to convert its sensitive ATB nonwovens for hygiene applications.

This time, Calemard suggested a Special Pegase line with several special features to better respond to this high quality expectation project for the production of spools with both some ADL and low gsm (from 18 gsm) and wide strip of Top sheet materials (up to 190 mm)!

Challenges for this project could be summarized in 3 major points: First, to improve the material flow efficiency between the nonwoven line and the spooling by increasing the maximum mother roll width to 1.5 m! Then, to engineer and manufacture a compact line with a limited foot print, while maintaining the Pegase standards of quality such as, no material alteration through the process, production with high reliability and consistency of quality jumbo spools (up to Ø 1.2 m x 850 mm) with the requested compaction rate and front walls.

Calemard has met the challenge and beginning of last May, commissioned the widest spooling line in the world. This customized Pegase integrates both standard and some specially engineered solutions, with special unwinders, splicing and slitting modules to accommodate wide mother rolls. In addition, to maintain high standards on the web and strip tension controls up to 10 heads, Calemard developed some special web and strip tension units.

Once again Calemard has proved its leadership in tension control and its capacity to engineer a customized solution!

Discover soon more information about the commissioning of our latest Pegase spooling cell…