Spoolex at CIDPEX 2018

Pierre Croutelle and Pierre Ni at CIDPEX 2018

Spoolex at CIDPEX 2018

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Spoolex: Asian market is Switching to More Technical Materials

Spoolex is a French machinery manufacturing company that provides from single machine to complete converting cells. The company is famous for spooling materials used for ADL in baby diapers and has been promoting and improving this specific technology for 25 years.

 “We are again exhibiting at CIDPEX with very technical machines which convert materials used by converters for baby dapers, femecares and adult incontinence products, as hygiene market is very important for us. We have already had several references in Asia," says Pierre Croutelle, sales manager, Converting Equipment, Textile &Nonwoven Division.

Spoolex finds the Asian market, especially China, is switching to more and more technical materials and products, which means the market demands more tension sensitive, elastic, lofty and soft products, so converters needs more technical material handling machines, including slitting, spooling equipment as well to convert these materials efficiently and to ensure material properties to be very consistently processed from the initial stage to the final products to the end users.

Spoolex also promotes the spooling technology along with those companies that produce technical materials to make sure the very technical material reach the end users’ exact properties requirements for the final products.  

In addition, Chinese market is looking for machines with higher efficiency and automation, one highlight here is the fully automated Pegas 3 cell with automatic spool unloading, wrapping, weighing, leveling functions.

"We find there are growing interests in automation in several markets that Spoolex is involving," Croutelle says. "That’s why Spoolex purchased one automation technology provider in 2016.

Spoolex expects more and more material to be spooled, because they think manufacturers need spool to improve their product quality and productivity as the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

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