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Customised machines for different slitting, rewinding or spooling applications down to very narrow widths

Tucana VCR
Quality slitter rewinder for narrow slitting Simplex slitting and rewinding machine
Main Advantage For sensitive products and laminating operations Big diameters simplex slitter
Unwinding Type Integrated Integrated
Max. weight (kg) 200 kg 200 - 950 kg
Max. width (mm) 1,800-2,200 mm 1,500 - 2,100 mm
Max. diameter (mm) 600 mm 1,000 mm
Type Hot, crush or combined Crush, shear or razor blades
Mini slitting width 6 mm 20 mm
Type Centre surface winder Centre winder
Max. diameter (mm) 450 mm 1,000 mm
Max weight per shaft (kg) 100 kg 200 - 950 kg
Speed 60 m/min 60 - 100 m/min
  • Separated unwinding station
  • Separated unwinding station for A-frame/bock
  • Splicing unit
  • Inspection table
  • 2 cutting systems
  • Scrap rewinders
  • Unloading trolley
  • Quick slitting width adjustment system
  • 2 cutting systems
  • Scrap extractors
  • Cantilevered rewinding shaft to ease unloading operations
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