Cutting technologies

Cutting technologies

Multi slitting expertise to propose you a perfect slitting quality whatever the type of product or application

Hot cutting

 Hot cuttingfor light synthetic fabrics



 Cold cutting

Crush cuttingCrush cutting : for light natural fabrics, rubberrised products and technical textiles



Shear cuttingShear cutting : adapted to heavy coated fabrics, nonwovens, and rubberised products. The shear cutting allows high speed and performs nice looking edges



Razor bladesRazor blades : for plastic and rubberised textiles


Ultrasonic cutting

Ultrasonic cutting to cut and seal in one single pass : perfect edges on thermofusible fabrics



Combined cutting

Combined hot and crush cuttingHot tracking and crush cutting to achieve soft edges on textile products



 Combined ultrasonic and crush cuttingUltrasonic sealing and crush cutting for reinforced and clean edges



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